About With The Quickness.

WTQ~ is an open pvp/casual guild ran by multiple 2k+ experince players on the server darkspear. Currently we are recruiting any individual interested in joining our guild! Does not matter if your still leveling or just learning to pvp we are proud to invest in new talent to fill our ranks. The guild includes Guild repairs, 6 bank tabs, rbgs, arenas, monthly/weekly contests, along with vent(use curse for rbgs), guild website and forums.

We are currently doing rated battle grounds Tuesday, Friday, and saturday, scheduled to change when we get more members and leaders.

~With The Quickness~ is currently looking for officers/moderators to help run the guild/forums. We are looking for active and mature players with experince leading with overall knowledge of the game. As for moderators we are looking for individuals with ftp, admin cp, html and overall knowledge of computers in general. To Apply Click Here.

Currently looking for a Website Banner!!!

As you may have notice I'm still working on guild website, so I'm willing to pay 20k gold for a well done banner. Click Here For More Information.